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Boy Scout Troop 68
(Farmington, Connecticut)
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Charter Organization

The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America—incorporated on February 8, 1910, and chartered byCongress in 1916—is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness. This is done through community-based organizations which receive national charters to use theScouting program as a part of their own youth work. These groups, which have goals compatible with those of the BSA, include religious, educational, civic, fraternal, business, and labor organizations; governmental bodies; corporations; professional associations; and citizens’ groups. The organization is considered the "owner" of its local program, much like a franchise.

Founded in 1928, The Exchange Club of Farmington is the Charter organization for Troop 68 and has been since the early 1920’s. You can find the Exchange Club leading theMemorial Day Parades, handing flags out to the kids or at Winding Trails giving out hot chocolate and donuts at their Christmas Open House.

The Exchange Club of Farmington gives out several scholarships toFarmington High School seniors every year and they have several fundraisers in order to raise money to give right back to our community.