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Boy Scout Troop 68
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Troop 68 Mountain Men

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” 
Sir Edmund Hillary, first climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Troop 68 Mountain Men Award

The Mountain Men Award is presented to the Troop Scouts and Adults
who have climbed the tallest peak in each of the New England States.

Mount Washington   

New Hampshire    elevation 6288 feet 
Mount Katahdin  Maine  elevation 5269 feet 
Mount Mansfield  Vermont  elevation 4393 feet 
Mount Greylock  Massachusetts  elevation 3491 feet 
Bear Mountain  Connecticut  elevation 2323 feet 
Jerimoth Hill             Rhode Island  elevation   812 feet 



                                   Mountain Men Honor Roll





Spencer P

August 2013       Doug P   August 2013 
Will S        August 2013    Ted S  August 2013 
Cordell S August 2013    Anthony S  August 2013 
Jack P  April 2014         

Mount Monadnock

Location:  Jaffrey New Hampshire
Elevation:  3165 feet

10/19/2009     10/18/2013  
Chris D    Ethan B 
Dan H   Spencer B 
Spencer P    Stewart B 
Andrew P    Evan D 
Michael P    Chris D 
Matt P    Zach F 
Will S    Dan H 
Cordell S    Andrew K 
Sam W    Kyle K 
    Chris M 
    Carter P 
    Jack P 
    Ivan P 
    Michael P 
    Brennan R 
    Tim S 
    Spencer S 
    Dan W 

Black Mountain

Date: 5/15/2010
Location:  Lake George, NY
Elevation: 2646 feet

Spencer B
Spencer P
Will S
Cordell S
Dan W
Sam W

Mount Washington

Location:  Gorham, New Hampshire
Elevation: 6288 feet
Tallest Mountain in New Hampshire.
Tallest Mountain in North Eastern United States.

8/21/2010   8/6/2016
Chris D   Zain B.
Dan H   Spencer B.
Peter L   Stewart B.
Patrick M   Evan D.
Spencer P   Zack F.
Matt P   Andrew K.
Will S   Spencer S.
Cordell S   Skylar S.
Spencer S.

Laurene B.
Robert B.
Art S.
Christopher W.


Rattlesnake Mountain

Location: Farmington, CT
Elevation:  750 feet

9/18/2010   10/20/12 
Spencer P    Omar A 
Eric C     Spencer B 
Evan D    Stewart B 
Dan H    Eric C 
Allen H    Ethan G 
Dan H    Allen H
Andrew K    Andrew K
Kyle K    Chris M
Sean K    Chris M  
Chris P    Patrick M
Patrick M    Tim N
Spencer P    Cian O
Andrew P    Jack P
Matt P    Spencer P
Will S    Ivan P
Cordell S    Matt P
Dan W    Will S  
Sam W    Dan W 

Mount Race

Location:  Sheffield, MA
Elevation:  2372 feet

10/23/2010 10/26/2013
Spencer B
Eric C  
Evan D
Dan H
Allen H
Dan H
Andrew K
Kyle K
Peter L
Patrick M
Spencer P
Andrew P
Michael P
Will S
Dan W
Sam W

Bear Mountain

Location:  Salisbury, CT
Elevation:  2316 feet
Tallest Mountain in Connecticut

10/23/2010  10/26/2013   05/20/2017
Spencer B   Jack A.
 Zain B.
Eric C   Ronit B.
 Jake C.
Evan D   Stewart B.
 Caleb D.
Dan H   Yvan R.
 Daniel D.
Allen H   Spencer S.
 Joe L.
Dan H   Dylan S.
 Samuel P.
Andrew K   Deep U.
 Aidan R.
Kyle K     Zephyros S.
Peter L     Edward W.
Patrick M     Ethan W.
Spencer P     
Andrew P     
Michael P     
Will S     
Dan W     
Sam W     

Pine Mountain

Date:  5/14/2011
Location: Barkhamsted, CT
Elevation:  1391 feet

Eric C
Spencer B
Allen H
Dan H
Andrew K
Kyle K
Sean K
Spencer P
Will S
Cordell S
Matt P
Skyler S
Parks W
Brennan R

Mount Everett

Date: October 26, 2013
Location: Sheffield, MA
Elevation: 2602 feet
The highest peak in the south Taconic Range of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York

Mount Greylock

Date:       October 15, 2011
Location:  Lanesborough, MA
Elevation: 3489 feet
Tallest Mountain in Massachussetts

Dan H
Spencer P
Michael P
Will S
Cordell S
Sam W

Mount Katahdin

Location:  Maine
Elevation: 5268 feet
Tallest Mountain in Maine

8/26/2013     8/20/2018     
Peter L   Ronit Banerjee
Andrew P
 Zain Burke
Jack P
 Caleb Daigle
Spencer P   Brain Lindsay
Will S  Samuel Payne
Cordell S  Hunter Zeytoonjian
Spencer B  
Evan D  
Brennan R  

Mr. Buzdon  Mr Daigle
Mr. Pelham  Mr Payne
Mr. Sanford  
Mr. Szot

Jerimoth Hill

Date:                 Sept 29, 2012
Location:           Rhode Island
Elevation:          812 feet
Elevation Gain:  10 feet
Tallest Mountain (Hill) in Rhode Island

Peter L        Omar A    
Patrick M   Kyle K   
Spencer B    Ivan P   
Andrew P    Brennan R   
Allen H    Dylan S   
Tim N    Jack A   
Andrew K    Yvan R   
Jack P    Spencer P   
Stewart B       Sanford W   
Tim S    Cordell S   
Michael P    Dan W   
Alex W       

Mount Mansfield

Location:          Underhill, Vermont
         4395 feet
Elevation Gain:  2600 feet
Tallest Mountain in Vermont

   July 21, 2012  
   Will S  
   Spencer P  
   Cordell S  
   Skyler S  
   Stewart B  
   Andrew K  
   Mr Sanford  
   Mr Pelham  
   Mr Szot  
   Mr Whitney