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Boy Scout Troop 68
(Farmington, Connecticut)
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Troop 68 is Farmington's oldest Boy Scout Troops.
Chartered In 1919 Troop 68 is one of the oldest continuously chartered Boy Scout Troops in Connecticut. 
The Exchange Club of Farmington has been our sponsoring organization since the early 1930's.

Troop 68 in 1933
Standing: Howard Griffin, Ike Harris, George Chase, Henry Harris, Francis Chase, Grover Wilde, Billy Kacenski, Bernie Person
Kneeling:  Bernie Meese, Paul Rossvalle, Frank Hatch, Bill Eyers, Robert Sanford
Seated:  Art Frez, Charlie Grimes, Gomer Newberry, Billy Lawrence, Granny Smith, Eddie Smith

Eagle Scout Kenneth Roberts, Scoutmaster Henry Harris, Eagle Scout Francis Chase 1933



Eagle pin presented by
Troop 68 to
Robert W. Sanford in 1937


Troop 68 Uniform 1937

1969 50th Anniversary Neckerchief



  Farmington Valley Herald December 12, 1935

 Farmington Valley Herald August 19, 1937

 1953 (newspaper unknown)




Icon File Name Comment  
Troop 68 Overnight Hike Feb 1953.pdf 1953 Overnight Hike Plan  
Troop 68 Overnight Hike Menu April 1953.pdf 1953 Overnigth Hike Menu  


 George D. Chase      1919   Ellis Bidwell                 1944-1945    Andrew Linn 1983
 Ronald Mills      1920   Edward Durrant  1945      
 JN Ingerson  1921   Willfred Brown  1946    Cliff Iser                1985-1988             
 Robert F. Rossing  1921    Carl Spafford  1947     Jim Grey 1989-1994
 Haywood H. Whaples  1922   Carl Bowe   1948-1951    Michael Feis 1995-1996 
 EC Swan  1924-1926   Donald A. Kutz  1951-1954    Mike Blum 1996-1997 
 Raymond W. Hale  1926-1928   John Emery (Explorer)  1953-1956    Peter Paradis 1997-1999
 Frederick V. Smith  1929-1930   LaFayette Page III  1955    Donald Rogers 1998-2001
 Henry Harris  1931-1933   John Chaffee  1956    Michael Blum 2002-2003
 Frederick L. Lay  1934   Donald R. Reed  1957    Guy Morin 2005-2007
 Edward Durrant  1936-1937   Donald J. Beattie  1959-1970    Frederick DeBaeck 2007-2009
 Milton Shaw  1936-1937   Lloyd Mason  1971    Ted Sanford 2009-2013 
 Richard Sawyer  1938   Donald J. Beattie  1972-1973    Doug Pelham        2013-2016 
 William Green  1940-1941   Michael Shortell  1974-1975    Jason Daigle 2016-2019 
 Cl Keefe  1942   Donald J. Beattie   1976-1978    Norm Rainville 2019- 
 Kenneth Roberts  1943   Cliff Iser  1976-1983      

If you can fill in any blanks or correct any errors please contact us

Newspaper Clipping approx 1995



Historian Job Description

The Troop Historian keeps a historical record and scrapbook of Troop activities.

Historian Duties

  • Gather pictures and facts about past Troop activities and keeps them in a historical file or scrapbook
  • Takes care of trophies, ribbons, and souvenirs of Troop activities
  • Keeps information about former members of the Troop
  • Sets a good example
  • Enthusiastically wears the uniform correctly
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law
  • Shows Scout spirit
Anyone who has old Troop 68 newspaper clippings, photos,
documents or other memorabilia that they would like to share
please contact the Troop 68 Historian